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Author Topic: White or Black ?  (Read 3145 times)
ayah gagöhn
ULtRa fRoGgeR
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Guru m'a tuer

« on: February 07, 2010, 08:58:02 AM »

I was wondering one thing.

I've been spying my discotheque and funnily didn't find any progressive rock bands played by Black people, nor even Punk Music, RIO, ...

Are there Metal bands completely made of black people ?
I found some Country black singers, are there any Southern Rock black bands ?

When you look on the the other side, some white bands have played some typical black music : Stretch or Trapeze with Funk, So many other whaite bands have played reggae or rap.

So my question is simple : is there a colour in music ?
Do you think people are inconciously racist in music ?

Ayah Gagöhn
Canterbury maniac

fRogGeR ExCelSuS
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« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2010, 10:21:47 PM »

well i think this is really a deep subject to dive in Smiley

here is my thoughts;

[1] for people lived in northest parts of the world believed that hell should be a place full of ice mountains, freezing cold places.. while the desert people believed hell should be a place of hot, full of fire flames.. somewhow a hell understanding that promotes hot become dominant. most probably that is because most of the religions that we believe today born in hot places.

[2] the city i live now is about 200km to the city i lived in the past. you can go to there with car about 1.5 hours.. but if we live in the past most probably it will take days to go with a horse, or maybe some weeks by walking..

our enviroment shapes our life styles, understanding of life different people build different languages because of distance to other tribes* they build different instruments.. a riverside tribe build instruments from bamboo trees, while in another places they use different metals, things for different instruments.. they have different fears, (a forest man most probably wrote poems about his fears for wolfes, bears, a seaman wrote stories about giant fishes, sharks..) their different rituals changed,built and shaped different symbolic languages..

you may say..it has nothing to do with this subject, but i think there is a deep relation;

not more than 100years ago, the black men used as slaves..and the insult on them was terrible..we all know the stoiries of ku klux klans..tragedies at south africa and many parts of the worlds...

i think such things made black folks closed to each other, and they built a closer society..while the white man did the same in several countries..

this is not too old history of humanity.. those things happened just 60 years ago..

in their own closest societies they build different music types, most probably jazz, hip hop music somewhat owned by the blacks while some others owned by the whites.. at 60s 70s people has no oportunity to observe themselves with the eye of outer circle. today we are doing it..

i think;
even it was somekind of racism in time, now we saved ourselves for such kind of things..
i live thousand miles away from usa, but something goes mainstream there..become mainstream here as well... technology destroy the borders, destroy the distances.. until eminem exists hip-hop was something special to blacks.. now it goes mainstream no matter black or white. they do

its really great that when i need to talk one of my canadian friend, its just as far as reaching the keys of my keyboard to open skype, while i need to talk my mama.. i must go 2-3 meters distance to reach my phone to call her who stays 300meters long to my home Smiley  most probably because we live this things today, we are not seeing the big picture. maybe oneday, someone go and do an analysis of these days as we are doing now Smiley
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ayah gagöhn
ULtRa fRoGgeR
Posts: 293

Guru m'a tuer

« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2010, 06:06:07 PM »

Nahavanda, I simply adore your explanation, and I do think the same. But, as you said, today, "it goes mainstream no matter white or black". I just agree with you. people's mind have evoluated. But, couldn't you, even today, name any black band (or even containing one black guy) who plays Progressive or Psychedelic Rock, Punk Music, Grunge or Metal ? there are not too many.

In the contrary, we all can name a huge number of white artists/bands who have played funk, hip hop, blues, jazz, disco or soul music.

What does that mean ?
Is Black Music better than white music ? I can understand that it's more rhythmic so much easily enjoyable, but are there any other reason to this asymetry ?
... or are labels editing white music fronted by white people so that black can't play that kind of music ?
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Ayah Gagöhn
Canterbury maniac

Tom Cat
Posts: 7

« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2010, 08:26:02 PM »

i think is a cultural matter, i think that's why they don't play that music, like you said now there all is mainstream and is like there's no limits, you know, all people can hear about  anything and anything is "reachable" but black folks are quite close with his culture and maybe simply doesn't get caught by those styles of music, white people play funk an jazz cause they liked it but for some reason black people doesn't like heavy metal and i think is a cultural and rhythm matter, like latins who like salsa and those things, because music is ancient and is a way  of expression for civilizations and nobody  can get rid of those kind of things so easy. I think you're right by saying this could be quite clear if you go back just like 60 or 100  years ago, but certainly there's a bit of a more ancient thing, as a black music listener (but not black guy) i noticed the syncopation is like a common on black music, jazz, ska, reggae and rocksteady and some african folk music, all are syncopated. Is also rythm thing. being a latin also helps me to see how people from my country and south america are high on types of music which are sticky or something, you know the kind of stuff who can put anybody on the dance floor, with that a peculiar and sensual rhythm. I think almost al latin music has that sensual ingredient. So could be there something as old as centuries.

P.D. I hope this will be easy to read since i'm still not good enough to express myself in  english.
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