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Author Topic: Nuclear Debris In Space No One Can You Hear Fart 1981 Private Pressing Lp USA  (Read 911 times)
SuPRa fRoGgeR
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« on: December 09, 2018, 02:03:05 PM »

From The Acid Archives Book.

This weird neo-garage private press sounds like the improvised work of pre-teens,with crazy distorted guitars, lyrical obscenities and completely outrageous synthesizer noises. Among the its 20 songs are five versions of a terrific Dylan-soundalike called "Poop from the pope",a country tune called "Al Haig is a pig",a crazed fuzz guitar-synth workout called "Hydrogen bombs are not healthy for your health", and an irresistible riff rocker called "Brown spots on the rim". The highlight, though, is the epic folk-rocker that closes the album,a ridiculously catchy song called "Wang in the window". Liner notes indicate that the album was written as it was recorded, live at the Rock House. Band member names include Joey Scrotum and Johnny Scum. Only one copy of this oddity is in the hands of a collector, and the mysterious owner says he's holding out for $13 million before he will OK a reissue. This obscure label also released albums by The Generators,Liquid Sky and Pink Dolphin.(AM)
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