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Author Topic: Tony Levin of King Crimson Appears On New Oxygene8 CD  (Read 1790 times)
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« on: January 30, 2008, 07:42:11 PM »

Check it out!

King Crimson and Primus Alumni Appear On New Oxygene8 CD

Usa/México/Chile - 1/29/O8 - The buzz about Oxygene8's new CD Freak Of Chance can be heard loud and clear throughout the international music community. An innovative dynamic trio of musicians, Oxygene8 features Linda Cushma with her atypical approach to Chapman Stick and vocals, explosive drummer, Kiko King and stunning guitarist, Claudio Cordero. The band's latest offering Freak Of Chance has been garnering rave reviews from music press and fans worldwide. "Somewhere in the process of recording and touring after the release of Freak, Oxygene8 became a real band," muses Linda Cushma . In concert, they perform songs from the new album as well as several selected compositions from their critically acclaimed debut album, Poetica.

Along with the core trio that makes up Oxygene8, Freak Of Chance also features guest performances by several renowned musicians such as bass legend Tony Levin from King Crimson, Peter Gabriel and the Tony Levin Band. "When Steve Parrish and I began to record the song 'Close Your Eyes' I had this gut feeling that it was Tony Levin that needed to be on that track," Linda explains. "I just listened to my intuition and asked Tony if he had the time to do it and he graciously responded." Tim Alexander, drummer for Primus and Attention Deficit, also appears on Freak Of Chance. "I played bass and Tim played drums in a band called Major Lingo from Jerome, Arizona," relates Linda. "We all relocated as a band from Arizona to the Bay Area in California, where Tim's drumming immediately caught the attention of incredible bassist, Les Claypool from Primus. Tim and I continued to communicate and collaborate all through his years with Primus - he is like family to me." Guillermo Cides, celebrated Argentinean Stick player and guitarist Federico Miranda from Costa Rican bands Gandhi and the Baula Project, also join Oxygene8 on the new album and have performed with O8 in live concerts.

The Freak of Chance CD artwork includes an illustration by controversial mentalist and humanitarian, Uri Geller. A former student of the late Salvador Dali, Uri's drawings, paintings and artwork have been exhibited in major galleries and museums all over the world.

Oxygene8 is honored to be playing for international audiences and friends. In 2007, they performed at Theater Montansier organized by ProgLaVie Association, Prog'Sud Festival and Festival Crescendo in France, European house/techno/indie Club BeCool in Barcelona, alternative music venue Siroco in Madrid, Spain and also at StickCHILE 2007 in Santiago and ProgValpo Fest in Valparaiso, Chile. In 2008, projected tour dates will include concerts in Japan, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South America. Concert dates will be posted on the band's offical website.

Oxygene8 bassist and vocalist Linda Cushma, is quirky and artistic, an exquisite freak of music from the heart. Her innovative approach to playing the Chapman Stick is captivating to watch and hear. "The Chapman Stick always gets a lot of attention," Linda relates. "The Stick is a very provocative instrument both in its sound and imagery; I have a very fine dance partner and musical friend in this instrument. It is a fond wish that my experimental approach and playing style speak well of this beautifully crafted instrument."

Oxygene8's guitarist, Claudio Cordero, is also the guitarist of celebrated bands, Cast of Mexico and Matraz of Chile. Kiko King is the former drummer of Cast and also plays in Mexicali prog/fusion band, Ezoo. Kiko's drumming reminds one of a raw Tim Alexander. Claudio is cutting edge loose with his own solo album, Enlace, and is a guitarist often compared to Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

With the current success of the band's new CD release and tour plans for 2008, Oxygene8 is floating on a wave of creative air - breathe deep!!!

For more information: www.oxygene8.com

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