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Author Topic: Good prog from the 70's  (Read 1912 times)
SuPRa fRoGgeR
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« on: September 07, 2008, 06:51:07 AM »

Has anyone seen or heard about good quality 60's/70's prog videos of any italian proggers like PMF, New Trolls etc, or good quality King Crimson, Mahuvishnu Orchestra, Jean Luc Ponty, Hendrix, Led Zep, Floyd and any other band you can think of? Ive seen PMF dvd's from this decade, but with all musicians from the 60's/70's, when bands play live int the 80's/90's or 00's, they lose that raw edge. I want to hear good quality analogue sounds, where the keyboard player has synths and a multitude of cables which he has to tweak to get good quality sound coming from his equipment, (like George Duke in the 70's when playning with Zappa).
Listen to so called "heavy guitar" of today,where they have fake digitised feedback, with fake digitised distortion. I know its practical for musician nowadays, to have everything in a small box oppose to a shitload of effects youd need 2 elephants, a sherpa and a mule called Hector to carry for you!  Tongue
If you can see acts on youtube, like individual Captain Beyond videos, they must be out there on the interwebcyberspacenet, and in better video quality than the ones on you tube. Ive downloaded a few, but when you put them onto dvd to watch on tv, the quality aint so great. :'(
So all im saying proggers, is that, if you have or know where to get good quality videos post them in the videos section.

I shouldve put a health warning at the start of this post saying "you may need to take a week off your work to read this long drawn out post!!!"

Cheers Cool
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